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JK Bible Ranch located in Glendo, WY is seeking upper level high school or college students interested in working with young people in an outdoor summer bible camp setting. Most camp counselors have a background in education, recreation, sports and related areas or have previous summer camp experience; however, we also hire many counselors without previous camping experience.

If you are looking for summer work that involves working with children in a fun outdoor setting, then camp counseling at JK Bible Ranch would be a great job for you. Camp counseling is also great work to list on a resume; many employers view it as extremely positive experience because it demonstrates the development of a high level of positive character traits.

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Lead By Example

Counselors are expected to instill high personal standards in their campers. Tobacco, alcohol, drugs and profanity are not allowed at JK Bible Ranch.

Counselors will help kids in activities, and may even be asked to lead an activity, depending on your qualifications.

Some weeks, if enrollment is limited, some counselors may be expected to help in the kitchen or on the grounds.

All counselors work cooperatively as a team with all other staff members to get the job done.

Camp Counselor
Information Sheet

The following is a list of characteristics that we will use to determine qualified staff. So you can determine if you would like to be a counselor based off your personality traits and our expectations. We hire based on individuals who have a unique mix of desirable personality and character traits such as the following:

  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Physical stamina
  • Patience and fairness
  • Well groomed appearance
  • High morals
  • Christian values
  • Enthusiasm
  • Respect for authority
  • Emotional maturity
  • Dependability
  • Sincere love and respect of Children

Counselors live in cabins with about eight to ten campers but could be as many as twelve, and serve as leader and role model. As a cabin counselor you will teach campers how to live together in the cabin and to keep the cabin clean and neat.

The 2019 camper season will run for approximately 10 weeks. Most counselors are able to work the entire summer; however, we will be happy to work with a staff member who has a schedule conflict. Counselors are encouraged to visit home on breaks between camps, or are welcome to stay on the facility, knowing no meals will be provided to them.
 Occasionally there may be sessions with reduced camper enrollment and staff may be asked to take one or more weeks off based on the camp’s needs.


Staff Counselors and Volunteers are to attend Pre-Camp Training from (to be announced).

Pre-camp training is extremely important because it gives counselors a chance to become oriented to the camp, learn more about policies and procedures, prepare to lead activities, and get to know each other and learn to work together as a team.

All counselors must hold current certification in CPR and First Aid.
Check with the Red Cross and get certified in CPR and First Aid if you desire to be a camp counselor.

We can also help you get certified if you are unable to do so.


Being selected as a counselor is an honor because of the importance of the work. Being a counselor is a hard job and is not for everyone. Please understand that counselors are expected to exhibit the highest character qualities. They are expected to follow all camp policies. They may not use tobacco (in any form), alcohol, use profanity, or do anything to a camper that could be interpreted as sexual molestation.

After reading this information sheet, if you agree with the camp’s policies and philosophy and desire to be considered as a counselor at JK Bar Bible, then please submit an online application.

If you have any questions regarding our policies/application please call us


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At JK Bar Bible Ranch we are always looking for volunteer help! There are many ways you can volunteer to help as kitchen help (assisting the cook in food preparations, meals, clean up etc), activity leaders, team leaders, worship leaders, small child care, etc. You name it and we will have a place for you. Please fill out our application and send it in and we will call you to arrange the best week(s)/days for you to come. Thank you for your heart for our ministry!  Click here for Application!

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