JK Bar Bible Ranch

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2019 Vision~

We want to send out our abundant gratitude to all those who supported this ministry in the last 4 years! God has continued to meet our needs through generous partners like you! We want to say thank you for your continued partnership in keeping this ministry running! 

Sneak peak into 2019... Justin and his family have moved to Wheatland! No worries... camp will still go on! Due to situations and some opportunities of ministry expansion, they will now be living in Wheatland and commuting to Glendo during the summer! There will also be an address change coming in the near future so stay on the lookout for that! 

We will continue to keep everyone up to date with new news and things going on! But for now... camp will continue as normal!! We are so excited for these exciting opportunities and we ask you all to stay in prayer with and over us as we move forward in exactly what God has planned! 
Thank you all and God bless. May you all receive Gods favor with good health and an increase in blessings.

Scholarship Fund

We had an amazing summer with lots of local kids that came to camp but we had some amazing hearts that gave to the scholarship fund that allowed many to come that normally would not have been able to because of financial hardship. We believe in not leaving any children out and even though we did not have scholarships for every one that needed it, we did not turn anyone away but told them to come and we trusted that God would make up the difference.  He provided everything we needed and more. If you would like to help sponsor a child locally or nationally just be sure to note what the donation is specifically for. The group on the right is a group of inner city youth from Hood Rise Nations that we had the privilege of hosting this past summer as well.  $200 will send a kid to camp. Thank you and God bless.